Monday, August 20, 2012

9/11 Dust: A Healing Journey

The deadline draws near for completion of my new film "9/11 Dust: A Healing Journey"  and the date of the preview premier also gets closer (September 8).  In order to fill the gap left by the primary funder pulling out "due to philosophical differences and the direction of the film", I launched a Kickstarter campaign to feed the rest of the process and get me to NYC for the premier.  Please check it out and if you like what you see, please consider a donation to help me meet my goal of $1500.      

This short documentary is a followup to my 2006 film “9/11 Dust and Deceit” about people who have suffered from the health effects of the toxic dust of September 11, 2001, many of whom are still not getting the health care they need.   The film seeks to show solutions, and asks how those directly affected by illness, and all of us still grieving, can heal from 9/11.   

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday, April 18, 2008

Penny Little's Film "9/11 Dust and Deceit" will be featured on April 28 at The Reel Works May Day Labor film Festival in Santa Cruz, California
Check it out here:

PENNY LITTLE started her career in entertainment as a performance artist and has taught songwriting, filmmaking, and multi-media. Her documentation of the environmental disaster at Ground Zero resulted in her film, 911 Dust & Deceit. She currently is Coordinating Director of People to People TV-a grassroots media alliance.

The impact of the environmental disaster after 911 will continue for years. The health of those who were exposed to the toxic dust and told that the “air is safe to breathe” and the continuing coverup of the problems has not been adequately reported in the mainstream media. Those who were most affected are often the least able to get the help they need.
Link to 911 Dust website:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Unconventional Tour is on the road to the conventions. This Mini-Fest of political music, film, fun is an "unconventional" event which will bring greater awareness to plight of first responders of 9/11. This being an election year, this tour will also highlight the importance of voting, working to bring together local activist groups from the anti-war movement, 9/11 Truth, and social justice communities.

Electronic duo and multi-media artists “The Away Team” join with other musicians and winners of the "UnConventional Tour" political songwriting contest. Filmmaker Penny Little will show one of her powerful and disturbing documentary films ""9/11 Dust and Deceit" and/or "Electile Dysfunction". Local speakers and special guests will join the tour.

Most of us know the political process is tainted; but the power of your vote is real. The greater the number of voters, the harder it is for someone to steal, cheat, or rig an election. This year, it's important to keep up the momentum, get activated, have fun in our activism, and create the change we want to see and be in the world.

The Unconventional Tour will work in alliance with the 911 Responders Fund and is seeking other endorsers and sponsors, especially groups working to get out the vote, activist organizations working create a greater awareness of the important political issues in the US right now - the preventive wars, torture, the Patriot Act, the treatment of our soldiers and veterans, the loss of our civil liberties, election fraud, the treatment of the heroes of 9/11 and the lies of 9/11...

The Unconventional Tour wants to help cure “Electile Dysfunction” and help find a cure for the ailments we're suffering from institutionalized psychopaths in charge. The inmates truly are running the assylum. Now is the time to activate and agitate. In the tradition of old time barnstorming chautauqua’s, the Unconventional Tour is a Political Bar Camp, a mashup of music, film, politics and fun!

In addition, Penny Little will be interviewing people at the events for her upcoming film.

Contributions for the Unconventional Tour will directly fund the cost of travel, material expenses, venues. Please email for sponsorship opportunities.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Albert Ellis Interview

Albert Ellis, Ph.D. Died July 24, 2007, New York City Dr. Ellis, who was 93 years old, died of natural causes. At the time of his death, he was President Emeritus of the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City. As a practicing psychoanalyst from 1947 to 1953, Dr. Ellis grew increasingly doubtful about the efficacy of that form of psychotherapy, concerned that no amount of talk would help his clients if they failed to take action against their habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By late 1953, he had stopped calling himself a psychoanalyst and begun developing Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), an action-oriented therapy aimed at making emotional and behavioral change through challenging self-defeating thoughts." Ellis was 90 years old when I interviewed him. He was working from his room, co-writing a book with James Walter, Jr. I asked him questions about war, the Bush administration, and 9/11.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Robert Bowman 30 second commercial

Dr. Bob Bowman won the Democratic Primary in Florida running for Congress in November 2006. I produced this 30 second commercial which was aired for five days before that primary election on September 5. It was not a campaign ad. It was to show that Bowman is not afraid to question the official story of 911. "The truth about 911 is that we don't know the truth about 911." -- Bob Bowman

911: Dust and Deceit at the WTC Trailer

3 minute trailer for upcoming film "911: Dust and Deceit at the World Trade Center" by Penny LittleMore Information available at